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Enhance ambience of your spaces with Kezevel's beautiful FRP Planters. Our high quality planters are long lasting, sturdy and weather resistant which comes in various colors, shapes and sizes to suit any need or preference.

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Benefits of having a FRP planters:

FRP planters have a range of benefits that make them a great choice for homeowners and gardeners

They are made from a durable material and made to last for many years. They can withstand
harsh weather conditions, foot traffic making them make them a versatile pick for both indoor
and outdoor usage with an attractive foundation to plant designs.

They are also lightweight and easy to move, which makes them ideal for smaller gardens or
areas where space is limited as compared to stone, concrete, ceramic and terracotta planters
which are heavy.

They are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe your FRP planter down with a damp cloth, and they will be good as new. They can be left without care for a significant amount of time in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, an occasional cleaning and wax can help to keep them
looking their best.

They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so you can find the right FRP pot for your needs – be it smaller plants or large ones.

Although they are initially relatively expensive, their high durability make them an affordable choice in the long term. This makes them better than short-term options like plastic planters or ceramic planters which will frequently break, crack, fall apart or fade after one season. Instead
of spending funds replacing plastic planters every year, a slightly larger investment in FRP
pots offers a foundation that lasts for much longer.

If you’re looking for planters to spruce up your garden or courtyard, that are durable, beautiful, high quality and low maintenance then fiberglass planters are truly the best option. Though plants should certainly take center stage, a FRP planter is an amazing accent for any residential or commercial plant

Shop now and any design of FRP planter you opt for, be rest assured, you will have a well-built and sturdy planter structure and an improved space. For colors that aren’t readily available, please contact us to create custom fiberglass finishes upon

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What is FRP?

What is FRP?

FRP is an acronym for Fiber-reinforced polymer or also called as Fiber reinforced plastic. FRP planters or FRP pots are plant containers made from plastic and fiber that has become hugely popular in recent years due to its characteristic of being:

strong and durable
sturdy and long-lasting
light weight
corrosion resistant

With their elegant design, they are an ideal fit for any garden area, complementing a wide range of plants for both homes and commercial spaces. Whether you have a classic, traditional, modern or contemporary garden there will be a Kezevel planter for you. An elegant Fiberglass planter can be used as a centerpiece in a lobby or foyer.

FRP planters have multipurpose use as you can use it to plant trees, plants, flowering plants, herbs,
spices, vegetables etc.,. FRP planters will fit best for these needs.

With their modern urban aesthetic designs these planters can be placed on a variety of surfaces like tiles, cement flooring, wooden decks, artificial turfs etc.

Check out the beauty of these planters today!