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Coasters are a great way to add style to any table, but they can also be used for other purposes. Wooden coaster designs can be used for displaying photos and artwork for a more decorative look, or you could use them in your home as place mats!

Table Coasters for Tea, Coffee & Bar


Wooden coasters are a great way to enjoy your favorite drink. Whether you're having a cold one on the couch or drinking it at the bar, these wooden coasters will keep your drink cool and make sure that you don't damage the surface of your table.

Make it better

This coaster is made in INDIA, and it's handmade to perfection. It was hand sanded, stained and finished by hand.

The coasters are made from mango wood that has been processed before being milled into this beautiful piece of furniture.

Made in India

We make all of our coasters in India, a country that has a long history with wood and craft. Our craftsmen use mango wood from the south of India to create these beautiful pieces.

These are made from organic material, meaning their color and texture will never fade or crack under normal wear and tear. These are hand crafted by skilled artisans who have been working with wood for years—each coaster is unique!


We hope you enjoy these wooden coasters. They are a great gift for any occasion and will keep your drinks from sliding around on your table!